5. Responsibility

Accountability within the company’s management with regard to sustainability is disclosed.

The approach to implement the agreed sustainability aspects as described in the Non-Financial Report constitutes an integral part of the business strategy and is the responsibility of the entire Board of Directors which discusses it with the Supervisory Board. A work group consisting of members of the departments of Organisation, Compliance, Human Resources and Communication as well as Marketing / Products / Business Intelligence, headed and coordinated by the Corporate Communication department and the Office of the Board of Directors ensure that sustainability objectives are implemented in the operation and that the Non-Financial Report is prepared. In order to comply with the complexity of the subject of sustainability it is managed in a coordinated and centralised manner by involving the different departments of the Bank.
The Non-Financial Reporting is verified and approved by the entire Board of Directors [see: OLB Leadership Team]. The Supervisory Board reviews and discusses the Non-Financial Report as part of the audit of the Financial Statements [see: OLB Supervisory Board].