4. Depth of the Value Chain

The company states what significance aspects of sustainability have for added value and how deep in the value chain the sustainability criteria are verified.

We work with all business partners upstream and downstream to improve social and environmental aspects. As we are a house of outdoor companies, we have supplier to brands (e.g. manufacturing factories and their supplier up to Tier 4 of raw material production), hence, raw material and energy use and efficiency as well as labor conditions are important. For our own production sites (Vierkirchen, Tartu, Riverton, Debrecen) we focus on energy, materials efficiency and product shipment optimization. But for our retail business, other, external brands (as well as our own) are the supplying partners (e.g., Vaude, Deuter etc.). For all this we have our own logistics and distribution centers (energy and shipment efficiency are our topics) as well as sales channels including ecommerce. In our retail business we have created "A Greener Choice" as a tool to raise awareness among customers; in our supply chain we have collaborated with the Fair Labor Association, The German Textile Alliance and other stakeholders to assess and improve environmental and social issues. We conducted online trainings and have constant roundtables with selected suppliers to address relevant topics as wages, labor conditions, climate protection efforts or leftover usage. We believe our suppliers and retail partners are our long-term partners and therefore decisions and discussions are taken in consent and jointly. The training sessions we held in 2021 revealed that there is a high interest by our production partners to be on the CSR/Sustainability journey together with us and subsequently actively contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. We also use a blockchain technology to track and trace our supplying partners. With our partnership in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition we promote and apply the Higg Index Suite. Our progress in our supply chain development including environmental and social aspects are described extensively on pages 26-33 in our CSR Report 2021.