4. Depth of the Value Chain

The company states what significance aspects of sustainability have for added value and how deep in the value chain the sustainability criteria are verified.

The depth of the value chain and the possibilities for checking and influencing sustainability criteria differ greatly between the Dussmann Group's very heterogeneous business areas (see "General Information" and Criteria 2). 

We strive to ensure the development, production and delivery of all our products, including food, according to our customers' requirements. Due to the diversity of our services, it is not possible to map a uniform value chain.  

In the catering sector, for example, the procurement of food, storage, production, on-site service, cleaning and disposal are the relevant stages of the value chain. The procurement of food from fair and sustainable sources, as well as the reduction of food use and avoidance of waste are of particular importance (the measures are described in more detail in Criteria 10).  

The difficulties of our heterogeneity for the definition of goals, their operationalization - and derived from this also for the audit in the value chain - are described under Criteria 3. In all service areas where we deal with people, we realize a high level of in-house performance in order to be able to offer our services in the highest quality.

Wherever possible for us, we offer services from a single source; in many areas, we are our own service providers (e.g. with Dussmann Service for Kursana).

Potential environmental and social issues that may arise in the context of supply chain management are described in Criteria 2.

Supplier management

For our core business, we check sustainability criteria as part of the supplier selection process. This is done, for example, within the countries included in the group certification (Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, UAE, Vietnam), through regional framework partner agreements, supplier self-assessments, sustainability questionnaires and our current Code of Conduct.
We maintain a close cooperation with several manufacturers in which we exchange product requirements, test prototypes, and provide feedback on product and service ideas (e.g. in the area of personal protective equipment (PPE)).

We selectively enter into additional development partnerships with select producers, such as in the area of cleaning procedures.The vast majority of our sales are achieved in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and Austria, in which we concentrate on consistently establishing and developing occupational safety, quality, and environmental standards. Our goal is to also implement these standards successively in our business activities in developing markets.

In cooperation with our customers, we prioritize relevant sustainability aspects along the value chain and develop and advance them in line with their needs.