3. Objectives

The company discloses what qualitative and/or quantitative as well as temporally defined sustainability goals have been set and operationalised and how their level of achievement is monitored.

In a joint workshop in September 2020, the sustainability core team determined concrete goals and the associated medium- and long-term measures to achieve them. Assigning priority to these goals is derived directly from the materiality matrix.

Market area of action  

Breeding own varieties  

Goal Measure(s) By Progress
1. Replacement of the general market varieties by our own varieties, selectively bred for resistance and drought stress tolerance. 1.1. Goal-focused, marker-assisted breeding of aroma and high-alpha varieties 2030 Two aroma varieties are already approved and introduced to the market.

Sustainable relationships with customers  

Goal Measure(s) By Progress
1. Building up trust, improved access to decision-makers, increased market share. Better information, better understanding of the market for customers. 1.2. Continual training of sales personnel On-going Regular sales personnel meetings, backed-up by individual coaching
1.3. Benchmark through customer satisfaction surveys (every 10-15 years) 2025 Last customer satisfaction survey: 2015
1.4. Expansion of digital consultant concept (use of video conferences, webinars, etc.) On-going Since 2020: Webinars and regular video conferences held


Goal Measure(s) By Progress
1. Improved workflows, reduction of analog processes, optimum degree of complexity 1.1 Introduction of a document management system (DMS) Mid-2021 Provider selected, implementation “in progress,” first departmental tests carried out
1.2. Optimization of the inventory management system On-going Update to inventory management system 2020 / 2021, departmental process analysis performed
2. Modern, efficient communications with growers / suppliers and customers 2.1. Further development of the grower portal On-going Step 1 was completed in 2018. Introduction of digitally concluded contracts planned for the 1st half of 2021
2.2. Setting up a customer portal End 2021 Finalization planned for end 2021

Environment area of action

Energy savings  

Goal Measure(s) By Progress
1. Energy efficiency improvement 1.1. Replacement water storage tank for steam generator 2020 Installation complete, operational in October 2020
1.2. Replacement of steam distribution pipework End 2021 Some steam pipes replaced in 2020, further replacements in 2021
1.3. Cooling tower energy optimization End 2020 Mechanical installation done, optimization completed end 2020

Use of renewable energy

Goal Measure(s) By Progress
1. Increased proportion of renewable energy 1.1. Extension of photovoltaic systems on operational building roofs On-going In operation. Further installations planned.

The appropriate department in the relevant division is responsible for monitoring and controlling the goals.

The goals are also checked by the CSR core team for the annual preparation and publishing of the Sustainability Code declaration.

The sustainability goals relate in particular to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):
UN Sustainable Development Goals Company goal topics
6. Clean water and sanitation In-house wastewater treatment
7. Affordable and clean energy Energy savings, use of renewable energy
12. Responsible consumption and production Recyclable packaging (cans), environmentally compatible materials, resource conservation
13. Climate action Energy savings, use of renewable energy
15. Life on land Breeding own varieties, integrated crop protection