3. Objectives

The company discloses what qualitative and/or quantitative as well as temporally defined sustainability goals have been set and operationalised and how their level of achievement is monitored.

Rentenbank has developed a sustainability programme in order to more deeply entrench sustainability in its management, its banking, banking operations and HR management in the future. Here, management issues of great importance to the Bank’s business model (outside-in) and significant socio-environmental impact (inside-out) have been prioritised. The following objectives are to be implemented as part of Rentenbank’s sustainability programme in the medium term. However, due to the far-reaching effect along the value chain, our focus is on the development of sustainable banking and governance:

Sustainable corporate governance:
Sustainable banking:
Sustainable banking operations and HR Management:
As part of the on-going ESG projects, the medium-term objectives of our sustainability programme up to the end of 2021 have been defined by the Management Board. The Board has also scheduled the objectives and paired them with measurable indicators in the business strategy.

The overall responsibility for the strategy on sustainability lies with the Management Board. The steering committee monitors and oversees its sustainability activities. The steering committee consists of two members of the Management Board and managers from our Promotional Business, Treasury, Economics and PR, Risk Controlling, and Facilities Management. The activities are being set in motion by our sustainability team, which consists of members from all relevant organisational units. The coordination of the key sustainability strategy is located in the PR and Economics department, where this issue is being progressed by our Sustainability Officer. She coordinates the cross-departmental collaboration within the ESG team and the steering committee.

Relationship with the United Nations SDGs
Rentenbank has introduced SDG flagging to ascertain which significant positive SDG contributions it can make (cf. criterion 2, Materiality). As a next step, input indicators (funding volume) are to be implemented for specific SDGs from now on.