3. Objectives

The company discloses what qualitative and/or quantitative as well as temporally defined sustainability goals have been set and operationalised and how their level of achievement is monitored.

The increasingly rapid development in the field of technology makes the environmental sustainability a dynamic task that will never be completed. We acknowledge our responsibility in acting economically and sustainably at all levels.

We have been doing this for a long time:
  • promotion of intermodal transport
  • optimal utilization of cargo space
  • largely avoiding empty miles
  • constant consumption monitoring of our fleet of trucks
  • annual reduction of average fuel consumption per truck (in l/100 km)
  • trainings on fuel-efficient driving
  • environmentally friendly lighting concepts
  • waste reduction and recycling, waste separation and proper disposal
  • procurement of environmentally friendly vehicles
  • increase employee satisfaction

Among others, Anhalt has set itself the following objectives with regard to the three sustainability aspects. We review our objectives and their implementations during annual audits and management reviews, and report on the achievement of our sustainability goals. The management board is responsible for achieving the strategic sustainability goals.

  • KPIs on the economic development of the company
  • Increase customer satisfaction, evaluate customer survey results
  • Retain regular customers, acquire new customers
SDG: Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action
  • Reduce vehicle fleet’s diesel consumption by 0.10 liters per 100 km from 2019 to 2020

Aiming to reduce GHG emissions, this objective is a top priority for Anhalt.
  • Promotion of intermodal transport
  • Optimal utilization of cargo space
  • Largely avoiding empty miles
  • Constant consumption monitoring of our fleet of trucks
  • Trainings on fuel-efficient driving
  • Environmentally friendly lighting concepts
  • Waste reduction and recycling, waste separation and proper disposal
  • Procurement of environmentally friendly vehicles
  • Advance digitalization, paperless archives, reduce paper consumption
  • Promoting environmental awareness of our employees
  • Embedding environmental protection as a matter of course in acting

Social issues:
SDG: Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • promotion of employee satisfaction
  • further reducing accidents
  • reducing employee turnover
  • increasing occupational safety
  • support local clubs
  • employee training / education of professionals
  • respect human rights in all areas
  • maintain the location in a structurally poor area; promoting the sustainability of the community through long-term job creation

We support the Federation for Environment and Conservation Germany e.V. (BUND) – Friends of the Earth Germany by our membership and thus support the achievement of the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations. In the field of sustainability, our objectives and activities refer to the following Sustainable Development Goals, which have also been assigned to our objectives.

- Good Health and Well-being
- Quality Education
- Gender Equality
- Sustainable Cities and Communities
- Responsible Consumption and Production
- Climate Action

Measurable goals for the year 2020 are defined as follows: