2. Materiality

The company discloses the aspects of its business operations that have a significant impact on sustainability issues and what material impact sustainability issues have on its operations. It analyses the positive and negative effects and provides information as to how these insights are integrated into the company’s processes.

BRAIN Biotech AG  is a leading European industrial biotechnology specialist with a focus on nutrition, health and the environment. As a technology and solutions provider the company supports the biologization of industries with bio-based products and processes. From contract R&D with industrial partners to advancing own disruptive incubator projects and customized enzyme products. BRAIN operates at the heart of the Bio-Economy. Additional details about BRAIN you can find in our Inaugural Sustainability Report (Page 18 and following): https://www.brain-biotech.com/investors/esg.

We strongly believe that in order to strive for sustainability we have to start from a solid economic base. Hence, growing revenues, increasing our EBITDA margin and turn cash-flow positive is part of our journey to a responsible business. BRAIN promotes the concept of double materiality. We call this #BRAINeconomics and have set ambitious mid-term targets to double our revenues and reach a mid-point EBITDA margin of 15%.[1] This will enable us to:
#BRAINimpact incorporates our products and services which can enable a faster transition to a circular and sustainable overall economy. By creating a BiobasedFuture we focus on the areas of Nutrition, Health and the Environment.

Next to our identified material economic and impact topics, our ESG driven analysis has led to the following material themes with a high importance to our stakeholders as well a strong impact on our business:

[1] Capital Market guidance 09/20, mid-term target (4-5 years), base year FY ‘18/’19