2. Materiality

The company discloses the aspects of its business operations that have a significant impact on sustainability issues and what material impact sustainability issues have on its operations. It analyses the positive and negative effects and provides information as to how these insights are integrated into the company’s processes.

We provide our services to SMEs in the Czech Republic in all the industrial areas. Since we are a small consultancy company, we have very limited environmental negative impacts and actually none social negative impacts. Among the environmental effects, the most important are GHG emissions produced by travelling to our clients. On the other hand, our business has a very positive effect on the impacts of the industry since we help the companies to become more sustainable. With a rising number of our clients, the rise of GHG emission caused by our transport is expected to rise as well. The solution of combination remote work and eco-friendly transport is already discussed in the company. We also constantly discuss our opportunities on how to make a positive influence on our clients more effectively.

As the main risk is we see that the rise of clients will desire more transportation of us and our employees. We already recognized this threat and explore ways of conference calls, car sharing etc.
Because of future growth, we might also need an office. In such a case we need to pick carefully to be sure its eco-friendly solution.