1. Strategic Analysis and Action

The company declares whether or not it pursues a sustainability strategy. It explains what concrete measures it is undertaking to operate in compliance with key recognised sector-specific, national and international standards.

The shared Group functions like Digitalization and IT, Logistics, CSR and Compliance are organized as strategic central services units and report directly to the CEO and Chairman of the Group. HR and Finance report to the President of Fenix Outdoor. All activities under the sustainability framework are centrally organized and implemented under a common structure by individual brands and entities. Through the centralization in certain areas (e.g. Brands Unit or Retail Unit) certain functions were created to serve all parts of these new units. The CSR Department had prepared for this as early as 2018 and therefore continues to serve its internal stakeholders accordingly. This allows the responsible managers to identify the appropriate specific approach and goal setting. The speed of development and the focus of the entities within Fenix Outdoor Group vary, but all follow the same framework. 

The CSR/Sustainability organization in 2021 comprised three CSR managers in the central office, one CSR manager at Fjällräven and one CSR manager at Royal Robbins, also servicing North America. All of them report directly to the Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).

The CSO reports to the owner, CEO and Executive Chairman of the Group. The sustainability strategy has been developed in 2012 and updated in 2019, it is called "The Fenix Way". The agenda 2025 (as of page 41 of the document) shows the areas we have identified as being material and the CSR Reports are continues progress reports on those core areas. Some of the action points in 2021 referring to the sustainability strategy are described below. The main activities were the revision of the interior design guideline for a more sustainable store concept in cooperation with Cradle2Cradle; the expansion of our packaging memorandum with a section on a more sustainable polybag design; the continuation of switching to renewable energy in all global locations or the use of RECs and other systems alike; the growth of our "A greener Choice" tool and the development of a brand evaluation section; the initiation of several Life Cycle Assessment for various products; the development of new material strategies and the application of updated information from Textile Exchange, the MSI and other sources.

We comply with the GRI Reporting Standards, the UN Global Compact, the California Transparency in the Supply Chain Act, The UK Modern Slavery Act, the CDP and other standards or requirements. All information can be found at www.fenixoutdoor.se/hallbarhet.