1. Strategic Analysis and Action

The company declares whether or not it pursues a sustainability strategy. It explains what concrete measures it is undertaking to operate in compliance with key recognised sector-specific, national and international standards.

We firmly believe that acting sustainably is key to future-proofing Deutsche Wohnen as well as to the benefit of our stakeholders. Thus, we strive to play a leading role in this field within the residential property industry and to enhance the transparency and comparability of sustainable activities. Our strategic approach is to combine cost-effectiveness with housing quality and energy efficiency. We invest heavily in our portfolios, proactively modernise them and refurbish them. In doing so, we always pay attention to energy considerations and the use of environmentally friendly and long-lasting materials. Everything we do is based on our corporate culture, which centres on credibility, transparency and ethical behaviour. As part of our Group strategy, sustainability is also embedded in our day-to-day workflows.

As a primary area of action, responsible corporate management provides the framework for the other areas of action also set out in our mission statement. These include responsibility for our property portfolio and new construction as well as for our clients and employees. Furthermore, we pay attention to the impact of our business activities on the environment and the climate and are committed to supporting society in Deutsche Wohnen’s environment.  A detailed description of the areas of action and the opportunities and challenges associated with them can be found in our Sustainability Report 2017, p. 12–13.
In addition to our sustainability mission statement, we have revised our sustainability programme from a strategic perspective. 

A list of the goals and measures contained in our sustainability programme can be found under Criterion 3, Objectives.