1. Strategic Analysis and Action

The company declares whether or not it pursues a sustainability strategy. It explains what concrete measures it is undertaking to operate in compliance with key recognised sector-specific, national and international standards.

Sustainability & Impact Strategy

At BRAIN we believe that we can contribute in addition to our ESG strategy and targets. After a careful analysis and discussion with our stakeholder groups we have decided to base our sustainability reporting on ESG Plus. Next to environmental, social and governance topics we incorporate in our responsible group management strategy economic and impact targets. Solid economic performance builds the base to achieve our other targets. Our BRAINimpact products & services can make a real positive impact for our B2B customers, for consumers and for patients. Our sustainability and impact strategy is based on five strategic pillars for long-term value creation:
  1. Economic Performance
  2. BRAINimpact
  3. Environmental Performance
  4. Social Performance
  5. Efficient Governance

Our ESG Plus and impact targets build an integral part of our corporate strategy, plannig and risk assessment. Our ESG targets are focussed to reduce the enviromental footprint of our operations, remain respected coprporate citizens and care for our employees.

Contributing to several of the United Nations SDGs

We develop products and services that change the way industrial production is done. Our natural and sustainable bio-based processes accelerate the economic transformation to a circular economy. With our current products and solutions, we already directly address at least five UN sustainability goals. SDG 2, Zero Hunger: alternative protein sources; natural compounds for food preservation; enzymes for more efficient and natural industrial food processing
SDG 3, Good Health & Well-Being: natural sugar replacement; salt replacement and salt taste enhancers; natural aromas, bioactive plant cosmetics; chronical wound treatment;  PHA121 as an active pharmaceutical compound to treat heriditary angioedema (HAE)
SDG 6, Clean Water & Sanitation: green mining solutions to replace chemical hazards
SDG 9, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure: enzymes as natural catalysts; biotechnological production, improving production efficiencies for resource conservation; fermented food from side-streams; microbial CO2 usage
SDG 12, Responsible Consumption & Production: green and urban microbial mining (bio-based recycling)   In addition, we incorporate sustainability aspects and good corporate governance in the daily management of our operations.

Within our business and environmental initiatives we also address the following SDGs:
SDG 4, Quality Education: training of apprentices and students; lifelong learning is a key aspect in a knowledge driven company like BRAIN
SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth: Growth and profitability build the foundation for #BRAINimpact. Our growth ambitions also consider health and safety of our employees and in our supply chain.
SDG 13, Climate Action: the environmental ESG targets aim to reduce our ecological footprint, preserve primary resources and prevent unnecessary pollution