1. Strategic Analysis and Action

The company declares whether or not it pursues a sustainability strategy. It explains what concrete measures it is undertaking to operate in compliance with key recognised sector-specific, national and international standards.

Our sustainability strategy
  • human dignity
  • regional and global stability
  • a healthy environment
  • fair and resilient societies
  • flourishing national economies
Customer requirements on the services that we provide are constantly increasing. Our company considers the fulfillment of customer needs a challenge that must be successfully dealt with, especially in the daily operational procedures. A customer’s certainty to always get the same quality performance from us is a prerequisite for being able to stay on the market.

The economic success secures our future as a family business. We want to provide high-quality logistic services and promote a responsible dealing with the environment and humans, such that future generations can still satisfy their needs.

ENVIRONMENT – ECOLOGY – We bear responsibility for the nature and the environment

We want to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment and reduce the CO2 emissions associated with our transports. We strive for using natural resources in a responsible way.

ECONOMY – ECONOMY – The future of our family business

Especially as a family-owned company, safeguarding the company's existence long-term has priority. Creating long-lasting and sustainable business relationships is paramount. Using the latest technologies, we want to increase efficiency.

SOCIAL THINKING – It is about the human being

Anhalt Logistics commits to leading the company in all business areas and levels in a socially responsible and sustainable way. We comply with laws, regulations and guidelines. We train and promote the further education of our employees. We support regional, non-profit associations.

The content of DIN ISO 26000 was taken as a basis to implement the sustainability strategy. An extensive checklist meeting all requirements of this norm has been created and as of 2019, we are going to review the requirements with this list on the occasion of an annual external audit.

Further information on our commitment and objectives in these three areas is provided in the course of this report.