1. Strategic Analysis and Action

The company declares whether or not it pursues a sustainability strategy. It explains what concrete measures it is undertaking to operate in compliance with key recognised sector-specific, national and international standards.

Our sustainability strategy
  • human dignity
  • regional and global stability
  • a healthy environment
  • fair and resilient societies
  • flourishing national economies
Customer requirements on the services that we provide are constantly increasing. Our company considers the fulfillment of customer needs a challenge that must be successfully dealt with, especially in the daily operational procedures. A customer’s certainty to always get the same quality performance from us is a prerequisite for being able to stay on the market.

The economic success secures our future as a family business. We want to provide high-quality logistic services and promote a responsible dealing with the environment and humans, such that future generations can still satisfy their needs.

ENVIRONMENT – ECOLOGY – We bear responsibility for the nature and the environment

We want to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment and reduce the CO2 emissions associated with our transports. We strive for using natural resources in a responsible way.

ECONOMY – ECONOMY – The future of our family business

Especially as a family-owned company, safeguarding the company's existence long-term has priority. Creating long-lasting and sustainable business relationships is paramount. Using the latest technologies, we want to increase efficiency.

SOCIAL THINKING – It is about the human being

Anhalt Logistics commits to leading the company in all business areas and levels in a socially responsible and sustainable way. We comply with laws, regulations and guidelines. We train and promote the further education of our employees. We support regional, non-profit associations.

The content of DIN ISO 26000 was taken as a basis to implement the sustainability strategy. An extensive checklist meeting all requirements of this norm has been created and as of 2019, we are going to review the requirements with this list on the occasion of an annual external audit.

Further information on our commitment and objectives in these three areas is provided in the course of this report.

2. Materiality

The company discloses the aspects of its business operations that have a significant impact on sustainability issues and what material impact sustainability issues have on its operations. It analyses the positive and negative effects and provides information as to how these insights are integrated into the company’s processes.

Key sustainability aspects have been identified by means of a materiality analysis. We consider the following topics that can be assigned to the economy, ecology and social sphere to be of particular importance:

Particularities in the environment:

Emissions from the diesel consumption of our truck fleet pollute the environment. The identified topics in the field of "energy and environment" (as described above) react to these negative effects and offer opportunities: For example, we try to relocate as many transports as possible to the intermodal sector to reduce global warming. In this regard, we are able to further increase transport volumes in the intermodal sector in the future.

To counteract the shortage of skilled workers and the shortage of professional drivers, we installed a driver support team some years ago to support our drivers such that they have a permanent contact for their worries and needs. We train in the following professions:
  • Management Assistant for Freight Forwarding and Logistic Services
  • Automotive Mechatronic with Focus on Commercial Vehicles
  • IT specialist, specialization system integration
  • Driver
  • Warehouse Logistics Expert
We gladly offer our trainees a fixed contract after their apprenticeships. In general, we offer interesting employment opportunities in the rural area - which is a special feature in this rather structurally weak area.

As a family-owned company, Anhalt Logistics pursues a forward-looking company policy which includes sustainable action, such that it uses environmentally friendly and resource-conserving technologies and focusses on an effective route planning to avoid empty miles. Regularly monitoring the fuel consumption and promoting fuel-efficient driving behavior is a matter of course for us.

All the tanks of our tractor units are equipped with a tank sensor, providing our IT-supported "Diesel management" always with up-to-date tank data. From this data, different evaluations per vehicle can then be generated. We use the latest developments in the commercial vehicle industry; low fuel consumption and emission levels are important procurement criteria to us.

Digitization was further advanced in 2019 and we see this as a great opportunity for securing the future and process efficiency. As a result, we are equipped for the increased digital customer requirements.

3. Objectives

The company discloses what qualitative and/or quantitative as well as temporally defined sustainability goals have been set and operationalised and how their level of achievement is monitored.

The increasingly rapid development in the field of technology makes the environmental sustainability a dynamic task that will never be completed. We acknowledge our responsibility in acting economically and sustainably at all levels.

We have been doing this for a long time:
  • promotion of intermodal transport
  • optimal utilization of cargo space
  • largely avoiding empty miles
  • constant consumption monitoring of our fleet of trucks
  • annual reduction of average fuel consumption per truck (in l/100 km)
  • trainings on fuel-efficient driving
  • environmentally friendly lighting concepts
  • waste reduction and recycling, waste separation and proper disposal
  • procurement of environmentally friendly vehicles
  • increase employee satisfaction

Among others, Anhalt has set itself the following objectives with regard to the three sustainability aspects. We review our objectives and their implementations during annual audits and management reviews, and report on the achievement of our sustainability goals. The management board is responsible for achieving the strategic sustainability goals.

  • KPIs on the economic development of the company
  • Increase customer satisfaction, evaluate customer survey results
  • Retain regular customers, acquire new customers
SDG: Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action
  • Reduce vehicle fleet’s diesel consumption by 0.10 liters per 100 km from 2019 to 2020

Aiming to reduce GHG emissions, this objective is a top priority for Anhalt.
  • Promotion of intermodal transport
  • Optimal utilization of cargo space
  • Largely avoiding empty miles
  • Constant consumption monitoring of our fleet of trucks
  • Trainings on fuel-efficient driving
  • Environmentally friendly lighting concepts
  • Waste reduction and recycling, waste separation and proper disposal
  • Procurement of environmentally friendly vehicles
  • Advance digitalization, paperless archives, reduce paper consumption
  • Promoting environmental awareness of our employees
  • Embedding environmental protection as a matter of course in acting

Social issues:
SDG: Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • promotion of employee satisfaction
  • further reducing accidents
  • reducing employee turnover
  • increasing occupational safety
  • support local clubs
  • employee training / education of professionals
  • respect human rights in all areas
  • maintain the location in a structurally poor area; promoting the sustainability of the community through long-term job creation

We support the Federation for Environment and Conservation Germany e.V. (BUND) – Friends of the Earth Germany by our membership and thus support the achievement of the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations. In the field of sustainability, our objectives and activities refer to the following Sustainable Development Goals, which have also been assigned to our objectives.

- Good Health and Well-being
- Quality Education
- Gender Equality
- Sustainable Cities and Communities
- Responsible Consumption and Production
- Climate Action

Measurable goals for the year 2020 are defined as follows:

4. Depth of the Value Chain

The company states what significance aspects of sustainability have for added value and how deep in the value chain the sustainability criteria are verified.

As a service provider in the logistics sector, Anhalt Logistics does not have the usual value-chain a manufacturing company has. The business activities in the field of logistics are:

To provide the above services, the support of the many divisions of Anhalt is required:

Location Management, Human Resource Management, Office Administration, Driver Support, Claims Management, Fleet Management, Tank Cleaning, Vehicle Workshop, Quality Management, Marketing, Warehouse/Transshipment, Logistics Road Trucking Duisburg, Foodstuff Alcohol, AdBlue, Refrigerated/Milk, Trucking Nord, Foodstuff, Chemical, Intermodal, Acquisition, Sales/Purchasing/Customer Support, Controlling, IT Services, Diesel/Toll, Accounting.

Transportation is a part of the supply chain. Active measures can lead to less CO2 emissions and resource conservation. In the procurement of vehicles and in the transport and tank cleaning operation, Anhalt pursues the following measures:

Vehicle procurement measures:

To keep the environmental impact of our transport activities as low as possible, the commercial vehicles manufacturers are asked to provide us with tractor units that have a low average fuel consumption, meaning they generate less greenhouse gas emissions. The greenhouse gas emissions at long-distance traffic/city traffic that the vehicle manufacturers provide us with are included in our purchasing decisions.

We regularly talk to our suppliers in order to be informed about the latest sustainability developments. When purchasing vehicles, we also pay attention to:
Ecological measures throughout our operation:

To save fuel we conduct driver training and monitor the consumption by means of a tank sensor. The drivers are informed about the vehicle's fuel consumption. In case of a high average fuel consumption, drivers are receive training on fuel-efficient driving.

We aim to further increase the modal shift to combined transport. Combined transport can reduce emissions by up to 60%. The annual savings in emissions will be reported by e.g. "Kombiverkehr" with the number of transports and the CO2 reduction achieved after one year.

Social measures throughout our operation:

Employee satisfaction is important to us; we want to reduce employee fluctuation and keep our skilled employees.
In the future, we are going to externally communicate sustainability topics by means o the DNK sustainability report because all relevant sustainability topics are addressed in this report.

Key Performance Indicators to criteria 1 to 4

Values, principles, standards and behavioral norms of the organization.
Anhalt Logistics has its own code of conduct, which is binding for all employees of the company.

                                                               CODE OF CONDUCT

For our company, responsible and lawful behavior goes without saying. This Code of Conduct illustrates the conduct requirements within Anhalt Logistics and in the relationship to our business partners and the public. It presents the principles of our entrepreneurial behavior and reflects our company values.
Complying with national and international laws and regulations as well as internal regulations is considered an elementary principle in acting economically responsibly. Anhalt Logistics complies with the law.
Fair Competition
The antitrust law intends to secure and maintain a free and undistorted competition in the interest of all market players. Antitrust laws and prohibitions particularly comprise
  • the prohibition of price collusions between competitors
  • the prohibition of abusing a dominant position.
The exchange of confidential information between competitors about prices, imminent price changes and/or customer and supplier relationships is prohibited.  

Prohibition of Corruption and Influence Peddling
Corruption and influence peddling – in whatever form – is not tolerated. Personal gains may not be demanded, accepted, offered or granted in connection with company activities. If an employee is confronted with a corresponding offer or desire, this is to be immediately reported to his/her supervisor. Gifts may not be accepted or distributed. Common promotional gifts form an exception. The same applies to invitations. In case of doubt, please clarify with the supervisor.

Data Privacy and Information Security
The protection of personal data in general, but especially the protection of our employees’, partners’, customers’ and suppliers’ data is of high value to us. We only collect and process personal data if this is necessary to fulfill our services. We pay attention to data security. We process personal data only after having obtained the consent of the data subject, which always complies with the written rules and principles of the European General Data Protection Regulation.
Safety and Environmental Responsibility Sustainable environmental and climate protection are among our main goals. We pay attention that the impact our services have on the environment and climate are kept at a minimum. All employees are encouraged to act in an environmentally aware manner. Safety regulations are consistently adhered to.

Human and Workers‘ Rights
We respect the internationally recognized human rights, dignity, and personal rights, and support their observance. We strictly reject any form of forced and child labor. We are committed to fair working conditions, comprising compensation, working hours and privacy protection, etc.  

Equal Treatment and Prohibition of Discrimination
Our company’s culture is characterized by equal opportunities, mutual trust, and mutual respect. We promote equal opportunities, tolerance and a dignified, polite and honest dealing with one another. We prohibit discrimination of any kind – especially in the recruitment and promotion of employees or in granting training and further education. We treat all employees equally, regardless of race, color, nationality, descent, gender, beliefs, ideology, political attitude, age, physical constitution, sexual orientation, appearance or other personal qualities. We respect the personal dignity of every individual. Harassment and any form of unwanted physical contact is prohibited.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Every employee must inform the human resource management department when starting a paid activity for another company or planning an active business activity. In particular, this applies when undertaking a function with which Anhalt Logistics either holds a business relationship or is in competition with. Conflicts of interest between one’s duties and one’s interests are to be avoided.
Occupational Safety and Health Protection
We see to a healthy and safe working environment. Our employees comply with the regulations on occupational safety and health protection. Also, when awarding transport requests to subcontractors, our and the safety requirements of our customers are complied with.

Anhalt Logistics supports local, non-profit associations.  
Political parties, party-affiliated or party-like organizations as well as elected representatives or candidates for political offices at home or abroad are not supported by financial donations.  
Protection of Business Secrets
We take the necessary steps to protect sensitive information and business documents against unauthorized access by third parties. Employees holding information that is not generally known or easily accessible, must not pass on this information or make it publicly available.
Protection of Corporate Property
The company’s property and resources are handles with care. We protect corporate property from loss, theft, and misuse.
Renumeration policy
Neither the remuneration of employees, nor the relationship between remuneration and economic, environmental, and social issues is communicated externally.

We pay referral bonuses for the recruitment of new drivers as part of the campaign “drivers recruit drivers”.

Severance packages and reclaims are not communicated externally. Anhalt supports retirement benefits as part of the company pension scheme.