General Information

Company name Werner & Mertz GmbH

Company website

Number of employees 500 - 4.999

Reporting year 2019

Indicator set GRI SRS    

Directly affected by the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information No

Head of Sustainability Management & Quality
Pamela Fandel

Rheinallee 96
55120 Mainz

Describe your business model (including type of company, products / services)

Werner & Mertz:
For more than 150 years from its site in Mainz, Werner & Mertz GmbH has become established in the European market as an innovative company with its trusted brands Frosch, emsal and green care Professional. Its long-standing commitment to Mainz and innovative spirit are the foundation for the novel ideas the company puts into products and initiatives time and again. Werner & Mertz operates EMAS-validated production sites in Mainz and Hallein, Austria. The products manufactured there are delivered by seven sales companies to many European countries and by the Export department to consumers and customers around the world. Werner & Mertz GmbH currently employs a workforce of more than 1000. The company with the frog follows environmentally-friendly business practices as it pursues the goal of making a sustainable lifestyle attainable for the majority. With the Frosch Initiative and select project partnerships, Werner & Mertz paves the way for groundbreaking sustainable solutions beyond its own industry. www.werner­

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