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KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH

General | General Information

General Information

Company name KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH

Company website

Number of employees 5000 - 50.000

Reporting year 2016

Indicator set GRI 4    

Directly affected by the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information Not specified


Mitarbeiter CSR
Sebastian Terhorst

Siemensstraße 21
59199 Bönen

+49 (0) 2383 95 51 40

Describe your business model (including type of company, products / services)

The KiK story began in 1994 and is a story which has since developed into one of the biggest succes stories in the German retail sector. Over 20 years later, the textile discount business model has found success in the European market. We win our customers over with quality goods and value-for-money ranges.
The supply of high-quality and inexpensive textiles forms our core business and accounts for approximately 70% of the total product range. The textile assortment is supplemented by further non-food items. We understand ourselves as textile basic retailer.
Currently, KiK Textilen und Non-Food GmbH ranks among the top ten largest suppliers of the German textile retail sector and operates more than 2,600 branches in Germany alone.
With the offer of an online shop and the redesign of the stores, KiK is currently undergoing the transformation from a discount chain store to a likeable family discount store for all ages.

Additional remarks:

The fourth Sustainability Report issued by KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH describes the company´s activities with regard to the sustainable structuring of business operations in 2015 and 2016 as well as more recent facts and developments from the year 2017.
The sustainability report was certified by an independent testing institute, which ensures the relevance of the topics covered, as well as the transparency of the presentation.