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Barnhouse Naturprodukte GmbH

General | General Information

General Information

Company name Barnhouse Naturprodukte GmbH

Company website

Number of employees < 250

Reporting year 2020

Indicator set GRI SRS    

Directly affected by the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information No

Christian Hoferer

Edisonstra├če 3a
84453 M├╝hldorf am Inn


Describe your business model (including type of company, products / services)

Two people with pioneering spirit, an oven and a bicycle: in 1979 these were the "ingredients", which began Barnhouse's success story. In the kitchen of their Munich apartment Neil Reen and Sina Nagl baked the first global organic granola, which was usually supplied to the small number of organic shops in Munich: Krunchy. Baking sheet after baking sheet with a daily output of 4 kg.

Today, the Bavarian organic pioneer produces approximately 500 to. organic granola in Mühldorf in Upper Bavaria - with love, passion and carefully selected, natural organic raw materials. This love for the product thus forms the basis for the uncompromising quality, which still remains the high priority for Barnhouse. Although the products are now manufactured on modern baking production lines, the craft skills of the Krunchy bakers and the instinct for the organic raw materials are extremely important for the declared Barnhouse objective of always delivering the best organic granola to the customers. This is appreciated by the consumers, who have turned the company into the undisputed market leader for granola in the German organic shops. Barnhouse Krunchy even has a loyal, steadily growing following outside Germany as well.

The oat and spelt flakes, the main ingredient in every Krunchy product thus are 100% sourced from the fields of the more than 80 Barnhouse farmers in the region. Barnhouse concludes a very special partnership with these committed organic farmers, which is marked by more than multi-annual contracts and fair prices, because together we encourage the development of organic agriculture in the region and on the Barnhouse fields we promote bio-diversity and soil quality. This means that Krunchy embodies not only the best taste, but also commitment to the region and to ecology.