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Dussmann Group

General | General Information

General Information

Company name Dussmann Group

Company website

Number of employees > 50.000

Reporting year 2019

Indicator set GRI SRS    

Directly affected by the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information No

Dussmann Stiftung & Co. KGaA

Head of Group QHSE
Daniel Krebel

Friedrichstra├če 90
10117 Berlin

Describe your business model (including type of company, products / services)

With over 64,450 employees in 22 countries, the Dussmann Group, headquartered in Berlin, offers services for all aspects of human life and achieved consolidated sales of €2.13 billion in 2019. The largest division, Dussmann Service, provides building services, catering, security and reception services, cleaning and sterile services from a single source. The Dussmann Technical Solutions (DTS) division, based in Frankfurt am Main, brings together Dussmann's specialists for technical facility construction and offers solutions for the entire life cycle of technical facilities, from design with engineering services and planning, through construction to maintenance and repair. In addition to DKA and HEBO, DTS has also included the electrical plant construction specialist STS based in Waterford (Ireland) since 2019. As a comprehensive supplier of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, DKA provides construction and service for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. HEBO offers new installations, modernization, service and repair of premium elevators. Kursana provides care and nursing for 13,600 senior citizens. In addition, "Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus" in Berlin and the Dussmann KulturKindergartens with company-oriented childcare are also part of the Dussmann Group. More information is available at

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