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WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

General | General Information

General Information

Company name WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Company website

Number of employees 5000 - 50.000

Reporting year 2016

Indicator set GRI 4    

Directly affected by the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information Not specified

Astrid Burschel (EHS Management International), Nadine Schiller (EHS: CSR Management)

Hansastr. 27
32423 Minden

Describe your business model (including type of company, products / services)

WAGO is a continuously expanding company in the electronic- and automation sector. The ongoing positive development of our company goes hand in hand with an increase of our companies influence on society, the environment and the economy. We feel that this heightens our responsibility to actively meet the social and ecological challenges of our time - since we all depend on an intact environment.

The list of global environmental problems is alarmingly long: Soil, air and water pollution from waste and emissions, water shortages, extinction of species, destruction of landscapes and wildlife habitat and forest dieback are but a few examples that illustrate just how destructive of nature is and that advancing climate change will certainly have grave consequences. Our society cannot be separated from our environment. Increasing social inequality in terms of infrastructure, income and nutrition, as well as the high population growth in developing countries and emerging economies, combined with political tensions, which leads to masses of refugees, are just a few examples to cite here. 

We asked ourselves, how can we contribute? We systematically focus our corporate social responsibility in the areas of: employees, environment, supply chain and society. By continuously optimizing our social and ecological activities we support them within our company and supply chain. 

Information about our economic status can be found in the CSR-report, Federal Bulletin, or the WAGO press portal.
Continuous development and improvement of our products in the areas of connection technology, automation technology and interface electronics have made it possible for us to support a worldwide system change. WAGO products can be found everywhere electrical conductors require permanent and safe connection or when operating complex automation systems. Our customers throughout the world receive safe, high-performance and economical products from us which fulfil their duty everyday. 

We offer solutions in the following industry sectors: manufacturing, marine, building automation, energy, automotive, lighting technology, railway systems and  process automation:

WAGO offers numerous components for the manufacturing industry. Connectors and PCB terminal blocks produced by WAGO are applied cross-sectoral in industry electronics. Mechanical engineering for example requires a high demand. After long transportation routes, on arrival at the recipient, commissioning should be prompt and servicing kept to a minimum. The WAGO-CAGE CLAMP®-connection technology is proof to vibration, requires low maintenance and is long-term consistent. This makes retightening screws before put into operation obsolete and ensures flawless connection for several years. Machine manufacturers who supply different continents, can adapt the field signal connection of the WAGO I/O-System to the correlating customary  controller, without being forced to modify the E-/A-Level.

With WAGO products nearly every on-board ship and offshore application can be automated. This is where the I/O-System 750 with its over 500 modules is utilized. Due to its special certifications (BSH, “compass” certificate) it can be used from the bridge to the engine room. Rail mounted terminal blocks from the TOPJOB® series for example, offering cross-section areas from 0,08 to 185 mm2 ensure safe connection.

Building Automation
WAGO offers a whole program for building installations. Whether it is the „CAGE CLAMP®“ used in junction boxes or rail mounted terminal blocks built in various distribution boxes, WAGO provides a maintenance free product range of screwless connection technology.

Energy efficient and sustainable automation of newly developed and existing buildings are counted among the functions of WAGO-Products. By finding individual solutions to optimize energy performance in building automation costs can be reduced. 

The main objective when generating and distributing electrical power is to ensure reliable and safe power supply for the industry and private households. In order to do so, WAGO components provide the greatest degree of safety and quality. The CAGE CLAMP® connection technology offers quick installation, low maintenance and reliability in equal measure. With WAGO solutions, the automation of energy networks and connection to producers, consumers and storage grids is efficient and sustainable.

WAGO-products are utilized in production equipment for the automotive industry in order to guarantee maximum degree of availability. In the automotive industry even a short downtime means a significant breakdown of production and thus fewer vehicles sold at the end of the day. Therefor maintenance requires a flawless connection technology. Screwless connection technology has proven itself under even the harshest conditions including vibration- and shock loads.

Lighting Technology
With its large portfolio of clamps WAGO offers the ideal connection technology for simple and safe wiring of lighting and equipment or to establish the optimal connection between single-, multiple- and fine wiring conductors with different cross-sectional areas. Furthermore our pluggable WINSTA® system makes electrical installations easy, safe and error-free. Whether it is in- or outside, residential- or industrial buildings, with WAGO every lighting concept can be realized individually.

Railway Systems
Commuter and long-distance railway cars must have a reliable, maintenance-free and long-term service life. Sophisticated technology simplifies and reduces assembly- and maintenance time. The CAGE CLAMP® connection technology unites all of these requirements and offers the greatest degree of shock- and vibration protection even under extreme environmental conditions. Thereby she is the optimal connector in all railway related areas. Our springs have held every connection from 0,08 mm2 to 95 mm2 safely and reliably since 1978.

Process Automation
In chemical-, petrochemical-, food-, water and wastewater sectors as well as several different areas of the processing industry, equipment availability is essential. Future-proof and time-saving automation technology from WAGO stands for efficiency in the industry and ensures high availability of production and assembly equipment. For applications with special requirements such as explosion protection or functional  safety, WAGO offers several components which guarantee reliable and safe operating around the clock.

The sustainability code-declaration of conformity is released in addition to our corporate social responsibility progress report 2016 which is available on our Website