19. Political Influence

All significant input relating to legislative procedures, all entries in lobby lists, all significant payments of membership fees, all contributions to governments as well as all donations to political parties and politicians should be disclosed by country in a differentiated way.

We do not engage with any political groups, be they political parties, governments or legislators.

Nonetheless, where possible, we engage on a voluntary basis in initiatives that aim at enhancing the sustainability of the industry or given societies we are operating in (voluntary commitments). 
As a member of the EOG, national trade associations (where relevant),  and various chambers of commerce we are also part of groups that raise the voice of the industry on various topics. However, we refrain from political debates in these organizations to the utmost extend. 

For Fenix Outdoor as a group of globally active entities in the fields of retail, apparel, outdoor cooking and navigational gear, several national and regional legislations apply. Hence, we are constantly monitoring and up-dating our procedures in order to achieve compliance in all legislations we are operating in.

The material risk occurs within the business-to-business sector, such as corruption incidents including bribery or anti-trust violations.

We require compliance with our Code of Conduct and try to ensure that our staff and business partners share the same understanding of compliant behavior and business dealings. We introduced a compliance management system in 2012, which is continuously improved.