19. Political Influence

All significant input relating to legislative procedures, all entries in lobby lists, all significant payments of membership fees, all contributions to governments as well as all donations to political parties and politicians should be disclosed by country in a differentiated way.

In many of its business areas, DEKRA is an officially recognized testing organization and assumes tasks of public authority through its services, such as mandatory motor vehicle inspection. As a result, we naturally maintain close ties with the legislator. For us, exerting political influence means participating in the political domain in matters of safety. We also view the DEKRA Road Safety Report, published since 2008, as a contribution to this engagement. DEKRA observes the respectively valid national and international laws of the countries in which we operate. All political activities take account of the company’s high aspirations concerning integrity and compliance. All legislation procedures that affect our work as a safety service provider, such as determining statutory safety and testing standards are relevant for DEKRA. As a globally operating company, DEKRA is valued as a partner by decision-makers, organizations and institutions, both at an international and European level as well as at a domestic and local level. Our experts accompany and provide political decisions through expert advice in a wide range of different areas, for instance with issues concerning road and occupational safety. As an expert organization for safety, we therefore participate in political discussions and set the highest possible safety standards for ourselves in all domains that are relevant for safety on the road, at home and at work. Our membership in political associations, federations and networks and in other organizations can be viewed in the EU’s Transparency Register.