18. Corporate Citizenship

The company discloses how it contributes to corporate citizenship in the regions in which it conducts its core business activities.

Several citizenship projects were conducted in 2018. We believe that those projects are of course of value to the local communities but all too often they are overemphasized as "the" CSR activity of a corporation. We think this does not do justice to the real societal challenges and, hence, do not holistically report on those activities.

Giving back to society is good cor-porate citizenship. Every year, Naturkompaniet’s and Partioaitta’s loyalty club members donate one per cent of their members’ bonuses to an outdoor or nature project. The members vote for the projects at the end of each year. In 2018, more than 300 000 euros were distributed among several projects. Some brands donate a specific sum per sold item to a cause, for nature conservation or support for children in need, with around 250 000 euros collected. In total, around 633 400 euros were donated to environmental and social causes. Every winter, we donate sleeping bags and jackets to homeless people. In some retail stores we offer coffee for a voluntary contribution and the money raised is sent to an environmental foundation.

The concept will be further developed until 2019.

The CSO monitors the progress in cooperation with the responsible CEO.

A risk analysis was conducted for selected products such as cooker. No social risks were defined.