17. Human Rights

The company discloses what measures it takes, strategies it pursues and targets it sets for itself and for the supply chain for ensuring that human rights are respected globally and that forced and child labour as well as all forms of exploitation are prevented. Information should also be provided on the results of the measures and on any relevant risks.

Compliance with human rights is a natural imperative in cooperation with our company. This is undoubtedly part of the integrity, reliability and impartiality of all employees that is to be ensured by our values management. DEKRA expects its suppliers and theirs in turn to respect the rights of their employees and observe the respective national and international laws, rules and regulations and guidelines. This is laid down by DEKRA in its General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. In these terms and conditions, we make explicit reference to the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the General Assembly of the United Nations and the European Human Rights Conventions.