Key Performance Indicators to criteria 14 to 16

Key Performance Indicator G4-LA6
Type of injury and rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days and absenteeism, and total number of work-related fatalities, by region and by gender. Link

The performance indicators in the area of occupational safety are as follows:

Number of work-related accidents ≥1 day lost (incl. commuting accidents) per 1,000 full time employees. 2014: 16.2, 2015 17.4, 2016 16.8.

Accident rate (work-related accidents with ≥1 day lost (excl. commuting accidents) per 1 million hours worked): 2014: 6.9, 2015 7.4, 2016 7.2 (proportion of commuting accidents in 2015 and 2014 derived from 2016 figures).

Accident severity (days lost per accident (incl. commuting accidents)): 2014: 26.2; 2015 16.0; 2016 14.6. 

Scope: DEKRA Group, excl. Business Unit Personnel.

Key Performance Indicator G4-LA8
Health and safety topics covered in formal agreements with trade unions. Link

At DEKRA, the topics of occupational health and safety of our employees are accorded top priority. DEKRA is a co-determined company and maintains constant communication concerning occupational health and safety issues with the respective employee representatives. The majority of the companies in the DEKRA Group are not subject to collective bargaining. No general statement is therefore possible on the question of formal agreement with trade unions regarding occupational health and safety issues. See Criteria 14. Employee Rights, 15. Equal Opportunities, 16. Qualifications. No further information is currently reported.   

Key Performance Indicator G4-LA9
Average hours of training per year per employee, by gender and by employee category. Link

See DEKRA Sustainability Magazine, page 28.

Key Performance Indicator G4-LA12
Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees per employee category according to gender, age group, minority group membership, and other indicators of diversity. Link

See DEKRA Sustainability Magazine, page 28.

Key Performance Indicator G4-HR3
Total number of incidents of discrimination and corrective actions taken. Link

We are not aware of any incidences of discrimination in 2016.