16. Qualifications

The company discloses what goals it has set and what measures it has taken to promote the employability of all employees, i.e. the ability of all employees to participate in the working and professional world, and in view of adapting to demographic change, and where risks are seen.

We want well educated and trained employees, who are fit for the challenges of the 21st century while at the sametime remain loyal to our company. Fenix Outdoor provided each employee with an average of 90 hours in personal and technical training (2017: 67 hours per staff member), including training on corporate social responsibility and compli-ance (n= 2 492).

Fenix Outdoor continued its Trainee Program for young profes-sionals in 2018. The program started in 2011 with three management train-ees, and in 2018 we again hired three trainees. We also support employees who want to develop their education, such as achieving MBAs. Through these measures our goals have been successfully supported over the past years and we will continue investing into these development opportunities.