15. Equal Opportunities

The company discloses in what way it has implemented national and international processes and what goals it has for the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity, occupational health and safety, participation rights, the integration of migrants and people with disabilities, fair pay as well as a work-life balance and how it will achieve these.

We see employee diversity as a guiding principle in our employment policy. This means promoting the diversity and heterogeneity of the individuals in the company in order to attain the highest possible productivity, creativity and efficiency.

In our German operation about four per cent of our staff have disabilities or come from sheltered workshops which we utilize for certain services.Fenix Outdoor had about 37 appren-tices and trainees (31 in 2017) and about 30 interns last year (40 in 2017). Our policy is to promote equal opportunities for men and women and the Board expressively demands an equal yet often enough more female promoting approach when it comes to recruitments into managerial positions. The proportion of female middle managers currently employed is 34 per cent (2017: 36 per cent), while the proportion of women in top-management positions is 20 per cent (2017: 15 per cent). Our board is 17 per cent female (all data include the newly-acquired entities and our China operations).

Every year, Fenix offers its employees the chance to experience the outdoors and learn something about nature survival skills as well as the handling and functioning of our equipment. In some instances, participation in these events is part of the development curriculum or even mandatory. But most of our employees are active outdoor enthusiasts. In order to allow them to participate in outdoor activities and achieve a good work-life-balance, individual arrangements are made between supervisors and their staff members.

The staff turnover rate in 2018 over all operations including the retail business was 20 % (2017: 15 %). The ratio between females and males leaving Fenix Outdoor was nearly equal (ratio M/F 1,08:1), meaning that roughly 51,9 % of staff members leaving were men (2017: 53,5 %). All eligible staff members are entitled to parental leave (e.g., parents with children under a certain age level; the definition differs from country to country).  

Our wages paid for a normal work week are competitive and meet legal and industrial standards at least.

For more detailed information see CSR Report 2018, pp. 34-35.