14. Employment Rights

The company reports on how it complies with nationally and internationally recognised standards relating to employee rights as well as on how it fosters staff involvement in the company and in sustainability management, what goals it has set itself in this regard, what results it has achieved thus far and where it sees risks.

In the apparel business, we have a global supply chain, mainly in Europe and Asia. Most of our staff members operate under German, Swedish, Dutch, US and Finnish laws and the companies in our Group comply with national laws.

We align our activities with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The principles provide guidance when coping with human rights challenges, labor-related matters and global environmental and compliance issues. We value ethical manufacturing practices and are committed to ensuring that our business partners share these values. As part of our membership in the Fair Labor association high risk areas were defined and are addressed ever since.

At the heart of this commitment stands a Code of Conduct, which has to be signed by our employees and our suppliers worldwide. These Codes of Conduct were established by each individual brand and were handed to the suppliers for agreement to assure that our values are implemented in our supply chains. The 2018 subscription rate to our Code of Conduct for Supplierswas stable with 95%. 

We ensure that everyone can raise issues of concern (compliance hotline) or suggest improvements through regular staff meetings; our suppliers use suggestions boxes or staff competitions to achieve the same goals. 

Regularly, we educate and inform staff around the globe on the state of our sustainability efforts and encourage local initiatives promoting sustainability (e.g., use of recycled paper, LED lighting, organic food/coffee etc.). All stakeholders are involved in the development of our sustainability journey (including customers and staff members). 

We have set the goals to e.g. guarantee a safe workplace, provide education and ensure zero incidents of child or forced labor. All goals including KPI's are defined in the Fenix Way (pp.44-45) and are monitored by the group's CSO in cooperation with the responsible CEO.

We conduct permanent monitoring of the frameworks at our locations. Material risks include political changes or economic crisis.

For more detailed information see CSR Report 2018, pp. 6, 27-33.