14. Employment Rights

The company reports on how it complies with nationally and internationally recognised standards relating to employee rights as well as on how it fosters staff involvement in the company and in sustainability management, what goals it has set itself in this regard, what results it has achieved thus far and where it sees risks.

Teamwork, mutual trust, loyalty and integrity form the basis of our cooperation and are an integral part of our values. We value the diversity of our workforce, stand for equal opportunities and promote the further development of our employees. We comply with all national and international laws, rules and regulations and, as an international company, we are aware of our social responsibility toward employees and society. Within the company itself and in its supply chain, DEKRA is committed to observing international human rights laws and social standards such as the guidelines and standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (AEMRI and the European Convention on Human Rights. We also require our suppliers to comply with these rights and standards in our DEKRA’s General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. The wellbeing of our employees is a very valuable asset for DEKRA. We therefore aspire to offering attractive and secure jobs. Dialog with our employees is very important to us. We maintain constant trust based communication with our employees and employee representatives. The DEKRA employee survey is particularly important in this context. Employees can also contribute to sustainability topics through their active participation. In addition, employees are encouraged to use the sustainability group on the DEKRA Connect network platform to contribute suggestions to the area of sustainability.