13. Climate-Relevant Emissions

The company discloses the GHG emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol or standards based on it and states the goals it has set itself to reduce emissions, as well as its results thus far.

Climate change is still considered to be one of the key environmental challenges for the survival of the planet and the stability of societies. In November 2017, the UN climate change conference took place in Bonn, Germany. Progress was made concerning verbal commitments, but we also saw the reemergence of suspicion and conspiracy theories surrounding the issue. With the COP 23 in 2018 in Katowice we now see a firt attempt to convert commitments into action.

In 2018, the Group’s overall carbon dioxide equivalents (t CO2e) amounted to 9.292 (2017: 11,493 t CO2e), including energy consumption, shipments, business travel and commutes, but excluding contractors. Although we had an increase of locations and a continuing growth of business, the absolute CO2e emissions decreased. This is mainly due to reduced air freight to and from our central warehouse (by 43 per cent) as well as retrofitting of the stores. 'Green power’ is used at the flagship store in Amsterdam and in the operations in Germany, Sweden and Finland’. In Vierkirchen, Germany, the location is heated with biogas from a neighboring organic farm.

We have set the goal to reduce 25 % of our CO2 emissions as compared to 2012.
Emission reduction efforts include among other efforts:
- Retro-fitting stores with more efficient lighting, smart facility heating and cooling concepts
• Reducing CO2e allowances for corporate cars
• Improved or new machinery in our own production facilities
• Investment in insulation
• Developing new locations
• Designing efficient production procedures.