Key Performance Indicators to criteria 9

Key Performance Indicator GRI SRS-102-44: Key topics and concerns
The reporting organization shall report the following information:

a. Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement, including:
i. how the organization has responded to those key topics and concerns, including through its reporting;
ii. the stakeholder groups that raised each of the key topics and concerns.

Complaint management: Handling feedback professionally
The central complaint management team quickly responds to, categorizes, and analyzes all customer feedback on a case-by-case basis. It records not just complaints, but also constructive criticism and positive feedback. In order to elaborate optimal process solutions for passengers and, if required, to develop improvements, the divisions, authorities, and system partners active all along the passenger experience chain are closely networked with one another. In 2018, Munich Airport recorded 79 complaints per one million passengers handled.

Dialog management  
Number of entries 2018
Total complaints 3,660
Number of complaints on key issues  
Airline 181
Airport facility 533
Baggage collection 678
Parking 113
Passport control 279
Security checks 1,092
Performance indicator GRI SRS-102-43 (see G4-26) Approach to stakeholder engagement  

Noise complaints
Noise emissions in particular are a major challenge for airports. FMG wants to work together with industry and air traffic control to actively reduce these emissions using technical innovations and improved flight procedures. The telephone line for aircraft noise complaints can be used to submit questions and complaints to FMG.

Noise complaints  
Noise complaints received via telephone 185
Complainants 116

Using 16 fixed measurement points, FMG continuously monitors aircraft noise within a radius of about 20 kilometers around Munich Airport. It also performs mobile measurements as a voluntary service for municipalities that are not covered in the stationary measurement network. In 2018, eight mobile aircraft noise measuring systems recorded values on a total of 306 days, including – for the first time – in Berg, Kranzberg and Ast, Tiefenbach. Mobile measurements have already been performed on multiple occasions in Velden, Krüglau, Wurmsham, Sünzhausen, Zieglberg, and Rudelzhofen. There are plans in place to procure new mobile measurement stations in the future, which will be equipped to take their power supply from environmentally-friendly solar panels.  

Measured noise1)    
In dB(A) 2018  
Measurement point (nearest municipality) Night2) Day
Brandstadl (municipality of Hallbergmoos) 50 58
Pallhausen (town of Freising) 48 54
Reisen (municipality of Eitting) 49 56
Viehlaßmoos (municipality of Berglern) 47 54
 1)Leq3 continuous sound level in dB(A) for the six busiest months at four aircraft noise measuring stations situated on each of the main flight paths

2)Period from 10 pm to 6 am