9. Stakeholder Engagement

The company discloses how the socially and economically relevant stakeholders are identified and integrated into the sustainability process. It states whether and how an ongoing dialogue takes place with them and how the results are integrated into the sustainability process.

The regular exchange with our stakeholders constitutes an important component of our sustainability management. The most important stakeholders of the company are determined through internal analyses on mutual relevance and materiality. The insights of internal and external stakeholder groups assist us in recognizing the important opportunities and the challenges involved in sustainable development and help us to determine important areas for action. Consistent coordination with management, systematic dialog with the relevant specialist departments, as well as extensive employee surveys represent important internal sources of information for sustainability management. Through the regular exchange of ideas and information with our customers, we aim to further enhance our customers’ satisfaction and meet their sustainability requirements. We create sustainable added value for our customers through our services. Our intention is to further develop and enhance this added value through gaining a better understanding of their requirements. In communicating with our suppliers, we endeavor to enable fair and sustainable business relations and formulate our sustainability requirements. We also wish to benefit from the experiences of our suppliers. The exchange and cooperation with policy-makers, associations, networks and NGOs on the topic of sustainability help us to better understand the social and political framework conditions, to participate in political discussions, to contribute our expertise and experience, as well as to learn from the experience of others. Collaboration with the scientific community in the context of cooperation activities also provides DEKRA with important insights and ideas for its strategy. In addition, DEKRA informs its stakeholders through various channels, such as the DEKRA Annual Report, the Sustainability Magazine, our homepage, the Road Safety Report and Labor Market Report, the DEKRA Solutions customer magazine, DEKRA Dialog, as well as internally via the DEKRA Intranet, the companies networking platform DEKRA Connect, and the DEKRA News employee magazine. The insights gained from communication with our stakeholder groups are incorporated into our sustainability management as well as when setting priorities and developing our work further. DEKRA strives to systematically build up stakeholder dialog and develop it into an innovative communication process on the challenges and opportunities in the sustainability and safety areas.