Key Performance Indicators to criteria 8

Key Performance Indicator GRI SRS-102-35: Renumeration policies
The reporting organization shall report the following information:

a. Remuneration policies for the highest governance body and senior executives for the following types of remuneration:
i. Fixed pay and variable pay, including performance-based pay, equity-based pay, bonuses, and deferred or vested shares;
ii. Sign-on bonuses or recruitment incentive payments;
iii. Termination payments;
iv. Clawbacks;
v. Retirement benefits, including the difference between benefit schemes and contribution rates for the highest governance body, senior executives, and all other employees.

b. How performance criteria in the remuneration policies relate to the highest governance body’s and senior executives’ objectives for economic, environmental, and social topics.

for compensation: please, refer to page 36 of CSR Report 2018.


PER 31.12.2018 (31.12.2017)

Martin Nordin, Executive Chairman
18 300 000 A-shares
and 242 568 B-shares (272 568 B-shares)

Susanne Nordin, Member of the board
20 000 B-shares (20 000 B-shares)

Sven Stork, Member of the Board; Mats Olsson, Member of the Board; Ulf Gustafsson, Member of the board; Rolf Schmid, Member of the Board
All no shares (All no shares)

Sebastian von Wallwitz, Member of the Board
1 000 B-shares (no shares)

Alex Koska, President
1 000 B-shares (1 000 B-shares)

Martin Axelhed, Vice President
6 500 B-shares (6 500 B-shares)

Henrik Hoffman, Vice President
10 250 B-shares (10 250 B-shares)

Nathan Dopp, Vice president
1 200 B-shares (1 200 B-shares)

Thomas Lindberg, CFO
1 100 B-shares (1 100 B-shares)

Marcel Gerrits, Global Supply Chain Director
No shares

Key Performance Indicator GRI SRS-102-38: Annual total compensation ratio
The reporting organization shall report the following information:

a. Ratio of the annual total compensation for the organization’s highest-paid individual in each country of significant operations to the median annual total compensation for all employees (excluding the highest-paid individual) in the same country.

This data is not provided according to the indicator. See page 36 of CSR Report 2018. the ratio to the average salary level lies at about 13:1; a ratio between the highest-paid individual(s)’ pay rise and the average staff pay rise would be 0,9:1