Key Performance Indicators to criteria 8

Key Performance Indicator G4-51a
Remuneration policies for the highest governance body and senior executives. Link

The remuneration of the Supervisory Board is determined by the Annual General Meeting. It is a fixed salary, the amount of which is partly dependent upon whether the member has assumed leadership functions on the Supervisory Board or serves on committees. The remuneration of members of the Board of Managing Directors comprises a fixed annual salary and variable remuneration. The Supervisory Board decides the level of the variable component based on the targets and the results achieved. This reflects the success of the Bank, the success of the division for which they are responsible and their individual success taking into account the risks taken. Part of the variable remuneration is paid over a period of five years in accordance with the Institute Remuneration Act.

For “risk takers”, which include members of the senior levels of management, special rules regarding payment are in effect. Depending on the position, tasks, activities and the level of variable remuneration and the risks, up to 60% of the variable remuneration is paid over a period of up to five years. The payment is results, performance and risk based and also linked to the Bank’s long-term performance.

More information on this is published annually on the website in the remuneration report. The remuneration report is generally published in the autumn of the following year.

Key Performance Indicator G4-54
Ratio of the annual total compensation for the organisation’s highest-paid individual in each country of significant operations to the median annual total compensation for all employees (excluding the highest-paid individual) in the same country. Link

The ratio of the annual remuneration of the highest-paid employee relative to the average (median) level of the total annual remuneration of all employees of Deutsche Hypo (not including the highest-paid employee) is 3:1. The remuneration of members of the Board of Management is not included in this calculation. No breakdown according to country has been provided because there are only between one and three employees active in certain countries.