8. Incentive Systems

The company discloses how target agreements and remuneration schemes for executives and employees are also geared towards the achievement of sustainability goals and how they are aligned with long-term value creation. It discloses the extent to which the achievement of these goals forms part of the evaluation of the top managerial level (board/managing directors) conducted by the monitoring body (supervisory board/advisory board).

The sustainable and successful business development that is aimed at preserving the long-term competitiveness of the company and the safeguarding of jobs forms part of the remuneration policy and the goals agreed with our managers. The Supervisory Board assesses the Management Board also in terms of the company’s sustainable development. Safety is the centerpiece of our corporate strategy and is also reflected in our incentives policy. DEKRA employees are committed to our Compliance Guidelines and actively practice integrity, reliability and impartiality. In order to promote our contribution to a sustainable development, we also support our employees in engaging over and beyond working hours, e.g. by enabling our employees all over the world to take free first aid courses. Our employees are also encouraged to contribute their own ideas to the company and to implement them. This is promoted through DEKRA’s idea management as well as through innovation, management and local initiatives. All in all, DEKRA promotes the sustainable and ethical conduct of its employees by raising their awareness through information and training. The exemplary conduct of managers, along with the general strategic alignment of our corporate culture, is also aimed at creating incentives.