Key Performance Indicators to criteria 5 to 7

Key Performance Indicator G4-56
The organisation’s values, principles, standards and norms of behaviour such as codes of conduct and codes of ethics. Link

The following apply for all employees of Deutsche Hypo:
• the corporate principles:
    We are a long-term and reliable partner – quick and individual.
    We are friendly and also international.
    We unite tradition and modernity.
    We speak openly and treat each other respectfully.
    We use our scope to act to achieve common objectives.
    We work enthusiastically to achieve success for our customers and our Bank.
• the management principles:
    We, the managers of Deutsche Hypo…
          set a positive example and provide direction.
          accept responsibility and delegate.
          set reasonable targets and create sustainable success.
          take decisions and follow them through consistently.
          communicate openly and generate trust.
          support the advancement of our employees and acknowledge performance.
          resolve conflicts fairly and emphasise the value of constructive criticism.
• the ethical principles
• Declaration of Conformity with the German Corporate Governance Code
• the policy for gifts and benefits