7. Control

The company states how and what performance indicators related to sustainability are used in its regular internal planning and control processes. It discloses how suitable processes ensure reliability, comparability and consistency of the data used for internal management and external communication.

On each of our fact sheets an overview on those indicators most relevant for our four cardinal managerial areas is given including 2020 goals and achievements (compared to baseline or previous year).The priorities under each cardinal direction may, however, vary from year to year.

Reference guideline remains our Fenix Way, which captures the strategic approach to sustainability and our ambitions. We defined a KPI for each of our sustainability targets which are monitored by the CSO and the responsible CEO. KPI's include the amount of CO2 emissions per turnover, the number of stakeholder meetings, or the number of incidents regarding health and safety.

For more detailed information see CSR Report 2018

Through gradual checks by our financial auditors we currently assess the robustness and consistency of our data. We are also assessing IT-based tools to ensure a continuous and unbiased data gathering exercise.