6. Rules and Processes

The company discloses how the sustainability strategy is implemented in the operational business by way of rules and processes.

All Fenix entities are 1st obliged to follow the compliance rules and the Fenix Way and 2nd are connected through regular meetings, trainings and conferences aligning them with the overall Fenix strategy.

During 2018, we focused on the improvement of our social compliance system and strengthened the partnership with Elevate. We hired a new person focussing on Social Compliance Management and the different brands on CSR related matters as part of the CSR team on Fenix level.  We conducted social compliance audits at our own facilities and production sites and were audited by the Fair Labor Association. This year we were granted accreditation of our social compliance system.

We also hired a person taking care of our energy and environmental management as member of the CSR team on Fenix level focusing on our operational set-up and to integrate these topic in daily buisness even further.

By the end of 2018 about 95 (2017: 95,6 %) of our suppliers had signed the code, according to data from four brands and all Tier 1 suppliers.