6. Rules and Processes

The company discloses how the sustainability strategy is implemented in the operational business by way of rules and processes.

Sustainable policy/business was incorporated long-term in FMG. External standards are used as a basis (e.g., GRI standards, IIRC general concept, Sustainability Code) for developing specific sustainability activities, which are then transferred into operations by applying internal measures (including diversity concept, digital strategy), communication measures (integrated report, sustainability conferences, workshops), and external measures (including stakeholder dialog, presentations/publications). Higher-level standards and social requirements are used at the same time to determine relevant influences and value drivers and thus serve to enhance the business model.  

The main sustainability issues for FMG are identified during an annual online survey of stakeholders and compared with the results of a survey of the Group’s managers. The materiality matrix prioritizes these issues and presents them in a clear manner. The sustainability program sets out specific short-term and medium-term goals, initiatives, and measures for the topic areas. The individual business divisions are responsible for implementing the sustainability measures. The majority of Group processes are recorded in organizational manuals, which, for example, set out transparent and verifiable regulations to ensure adherence to public procurement law in the Procurement division. An online compliance training program for all employees was launched at the end of 2014.