5. Responsibility

Accountability within the company’s management with regard to sustainability is disclosed.

FMG has clearly defined the departments with responsibility for sustainability.

FMG adopts a central approach to managing sustainability, whereby responsibility lies with Strategic Sustainability Management, part of the Corporate Development division. It consolidates the entire Group’s sustainability activities and sets the tone for the strategic approach.  

FMG has defined targets within its five strategic fields of action, geared toward sustainable corporate development. These targets take the form of specific initiatives and measures within the sustainability program. While the Executive Board and divisions are responsible for achieving these targets, all first and second-tier managers are responsible for implementing them. Manager remuneration then contains a variable element calculated according to the success of the initiatives and measures. FMG monitors target achievement in an internal management report prepared on a quarterly basis. This approach aims to ensure that the strategic targets are incorporated into day-to-day work.