4. Depth of the Value Chain

The company states what significance aspects of sustainability have for added value and how deep in the value chain the sustainability criteria are verified.

In most cases we have long-term direct relations to all partners in the supply chain – from yarn producers via weavers and dye houses to manufacturers. The retail business is very different as they work with brands and hence they are not reflected in this criterion.

The supply chain of the different Fenix Outdoor entities reflects the independence and decentralized structure of our business. In general, all Fenix entities work directly with their suppliers; however, due to historical reasons but also because some entities are rather small, agents and intermediaries are also used. Some of our business lines are currently remodeled and streamlined, as we are working with new suppliers and discontinuing our relationship with others. In the apparel business, we do have a global supply chain (mainly Europe/Asia); as we produce shoes, compasses and stoves in own factories, we source raw materials in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Fenix Outdoor is proud of its long-term relationships with its business partners and will continue to nurture them. Not only do we build on trust and cooperation, we also feel that our partners are increasingly sharing our values and this makes us confident when initiating sustainability project or programs with them. In every relation, we try to improve our work on our high-quality products in terms of reliability, price policy and communication, as well as quality, environmental protection, and social standards. This is included in our evaluation procedure and we regularly check on how much a business partner shares our values and contributes to our sustainability mission. Through our mandatory code of conduct, additional guidelines such as the chemical guideline, regular auditing and our membership in the Fair Labor Association we are aware of potential problems and assist our business partners to approach them.

Please refer to our CSR Report 2018, pp. 27 - 33 for more details.