4. Depth of the Value Chain

The company states what significance aspects of sustainability have for added value and how deep in the value chain the sustainability criteria are verified.

Sustainability plays a key role along the entire value chain of DEKRA. We know the ecological and social impact of our business activities and address them through the corresponding specialist departments, such as EHS (Environment, Health and Safety), Compliance, Sustainability, Quality Management, Procurement, Personnel and Sales. Sustainability plays an important role, from procurement and internal processes right through to our customer relations. DEKRA is an expert service provider for safety and belongs to the TIC sector (Testing, Inspection, Certification). The specialist knowledge of our experts that is aligned to cutting-edge technology and safety through ongoing education and further training is positioned at the beginning of the value chain. Providing our services entails procuring products and materials which enable our work, such as office and testing equipment. We provide our services from our own locations and on-site at customer locations. In our procurement policy, we require our suppliers and theirs in turn to comply with minimum sustainability standards. This is laid down in DEKRA’s General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. DEKRA expects socially and ecologically responsible behavior from its suppliers. DEKRA reviews its direct suppliers through its procurement conditions, suppliers’ self assessment as well as by way of requirement-related and risk-oriented audits. All areas of the company work continuously on improving internal processes with regard to sustainability, with the support of central functions such as Quality Management, as well EHS (Environment, Health, Safety), Compliance and Sustainability. In developing services and creating new ones, we are naturally concerned to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and create sustainable added value for our customers through our services. Sustainable and fair customer relations form part of the foundations of our business success. For us this means remaining in constant dialog with customers and working permanently on ensuring customer satisfaction.