2. Materiality

The company discloses the aspects of its business operations that have a significant impact on sustainability issues and what material impact sustainability issues have on its operations. It analyses the positive and negative effects and provides information as to how these insights are integrated into the company’s processes.

In May 2017, we held our second Fenix Outdoor Stakeholder Roundtable. Experts and interested groups from various countries met in Stockholm to discuss Fenix Outdoor’s sustainability approach and agenda. It was appreciated that Fenix does not try to over-impress or over-communicate and gives a realistic and honest picture of where we stand; there was also acknowledgement of the diversity of areas we cover. Delegates also noted that we tend to extend the limit of what we can do and that we have identified and begun to address hotspots. The participants found that various Fenix Outdoor entities need to improve how certain areas, such as the consumption dilemma, are addressed and it was suggested that we should invest more resources in circular economy. Delegates recommended that we do not rely too much on external partners and develop our own functioning return system for all of our products. We were encouraged to find new business models – from rental via lease to second-hand offerings and to take a leading role in the development of the sustainability agenda. Compared to 2017, the materiality matrix did not change. The identified material aspects remain the same: as a company that has partly business in the textiles and footwear, the hard goods and the retail businesses, we face the typical supply chain challenges (social compliance, fair sourcing and production), climate issues (transportation and shipments; operations of stores), safety and functionality of the products and circularity. As an Outdoor company we have a highly socially and environmental aware customer base, being only loyal but also growing if we adress our material challenges in a transparent and reliable way.   We are planning to organizing another Stakeholder Roundtable in 2019. For more information about our MAteriality Matrix, please refer to the CSR Report 2018 and 2017.

As a start we integrated the SDG's into our overall management guidance - the Fenix Way. For the upcoming year we have to figure out our high impact areas and develop specific action plans for our different entities.