2. Materiality

The company discloses the aspects of its business operations that have a significant impact on sustainability issues and what material impact sustainability issues have on its operations. It analyses the positive and negative effects and provides information as to how these insights are integrated into the company’s processes.

Deutsche Hypo combines a long tradition and many decades of experience in the area of commercial real estate banking with responsible corporate governance and a future-oriented strategy. The concept of sustainable corporate governance is firmly established in the corporate policy. Accordingly, Deutsche Hypo developed an initial sustainability vision and strategy in 2013. At the end of 2015, an expanded sustainability strategy with a five-year horizon was launched (http://www.deutsche-hypo.de/en/investor-relations/sustainability/dokuments). This strategy is reviewed annually and contains various focus topics and targets in a range of areas. The targets defined here will be broken down every year into individual measures and measurable key figures. By achieving these targets in the coming years, Deutsche Hypo will improve its sustainability significantly.