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General Information

Company name traditionsWerk

Number of employees < 250

Reporting year 2016

Indicator set GRI 4    

Directly affected by the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information Not specified


Sonja Born

Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 83
90765 F├╝rth


Describe your business model (including type of company, products / services)

EcoDesign - Upcycling - Made-to-measure - handmade unique pieces made from sustainable materials

Impulses for sustainable development are becoming more and more important. For this reason too, sustainability is our number one priority, at EcoDesign and in production.

Custom made garments, handmade bags, accessories and interior (lounge chairs and seating stools) have been produced exclusively in Germany in our studio since 2009, with love for detail, heart of passion and passion under the label traditionsWerk.

In principle, we only use environmentally compatible and renewable materials such as natural bamboo, organic cotton, wild silk, felt, sisal, jute and organic linen grown in Germany. We obtain our substances from suppliers from Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland.

All other materials such as buttons, tapes, closures and accessories come mainly from local suppliers from Germany, a few parts from European Union countries.

Bags and more:
The original coffees come from all over the world and are used for bags, accessories and interior. For each product made from the studio of traditionsWerk only one single coffee bag is used.

Up to the finished bag, many working hours and work steps are necessary for Sonja Born and her employees. This of course has its price, but social responsibility and fair trade are not only worthwhile for the label traditionsWerk - it is lived day by day.

During the manufacturing process of the unique objects we consciously pay attention to the careful use of alternative energies and high resource efficiency by saving raw materials, water and energy.

Our clothing collection and tailor-made garments are designed, manufactured and sold exclusively in the studio of traditionsWerk by qualified employees.

Transparency and authenticity are no foreign words for us, because here in our studio you can always see where and how we are working. We attach great importance to comprehensive consulting. You will be actively involved in the production process by simply fitting and measuring.

Due to the individual cutting position and the complete manufacture of the tailor-made garments, transport distances are reduced to a minimum.

In addition to the high level of craftsmanship as a basis for our custom-made products, we attach great importance to the responsible handling of materials and resources. Of course, we also need electricity for the studio in addition to the diligent hands of our employees, but this is TÜV-certified and consists of 100% renewable energy. This is an additional contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Additional remarks:

We have not yet carried out an external review of our declaration of conformity, and it is not considered for future explanations.

As a family-run, independent small business, there are no accounting requirements or disclosure requirements. Consequently, no business results are published in this declaration of conformity